Nothing’s changed in Logan County

Never has a saying been more timely and true. Nothing’s changed in Logan County (Image by Bonnie J. Thompson, copyright 2016).

Lincoln, Illinois is the county seat of Logan County and the only town to be named after and christened by Abraham Lincoln before he became famous.

“In 1936, Abe was an active attorney with a successful law practice. He traveled a circuit through central Illinois, which included Logan County, and he tried cases at the Postville Courthouse. In 1853, some county developers, who were also clients of Abe’s, constructed a community in the proximity of the Chicago and Alton railroad tracks that lay a mile of so east of the Postville Courthouse. When the developers asked Mr. Lincoln if they could name their new town after him, he humbly cautioned, ‘You’d better not do that, for I never knew anything named Lincoln that amounted to much.’ Abe ultimately agreed to the proposal, and on August 27, 1853 he dripped the juice of a watermelon upon the sacred ground and christened the new community ‘Lincoln, Illinois'” (from Buried Truth, Part One: Backtrack, copyright 2013).

“It has long been said, ‘If you want to commit a murder and get away with it, do it in Logan County.’ This unsettling slogan could have surfaced during the days of Al Capone, for Lincoln was one of his preferred getaways for business and pleasure; but to which unsolved murders this old maxim relates, and why it was considered easy to get away with murder in Logan County, is a mystery” (from Buried Truth, Part Two: Preponderance of Evidence, copyright 2015).

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