“BURIED TRUTH” TRILOGY is available again! Read about the TRUE FACTS AND EVIDENCE pertaining to the 1976 Logan County (Lincoln, IL) murders and the COVER-UP. Some of the information and evidence is NEW, and some of it has been concealed by authorities (and others) for 44 YEARS. READ the stuff others don’t want you to know about.

Please go to the PETITION on this website and support DNA testing (never conducted) in these murders and further official reinvestigation into the historic cases of: Michael Mansfield (cold case); Ruth Martin (cold case); and the UNRESOLVED triple homicide of Lloyd, Phyllis, and Terri Schneider. Do the right thing in the Pursuit of Justice FOR the victims. There are currently living probable accomplices at large and others who are still living involved in the ongoing cover-up.

Truth and Justice!
Bonnie J. Thompson, Investigative Writer/Author

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